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Mercury Retrograde - A Reminder to Think Ahead

SB MRXThe Mercury Retrograde Spell Box is now available and it’s just in time to get in front of the mayhem that this astrological aspect can cause.  Pre-shadow begins April 14 and intensifies as it approaches April 28.  This is normally when those annoying little miscommunications begin, with their effects felt through the rest of the retrograde which runs through June 7.


The Mercury Rx Spell Box contains:

Happiness Blessed Herbal Candle

Motor City Hoo Doo Van Van Candle

Motor City Hoo Doo Van Van Oil

Mercury Retrograde Blessing


Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to throw you in a tizzy.  Careful planning, being prepared, and paying attention can mitigate the influence greatly.  Our Mercury Rx Spell Box is based on years of customer recommendations and our personal experiences.  The Happiness Blessed Herbal Candle draws on the energy of the sun and encourages a little brightening to what otherwise could be a trying time.  Our Motor City Hoo Doo Van Van candle and oil pack a punch and reverse energy; exactly what we need during the retrograde.


Remember our spell boxes are only offered for a limited time.  You don’t have to wait until the roadblocks start going up.  Order now and get ahead of the curve.

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