Crystals for Empowering Spirit Class with Debi McKee

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Sunday, March 05, 2017 4pm - 6pm

This event occurs in the America/Detroit time zone.


Working with the other parts of your mind or shifting your perspective with intentions is a very simple practice, which changes the "flow" in your world. Certain Crystal’s teach and shift you just by holding, meditating or sleeping with them. Join us Sunday March 5th from 1-3 pm and learn which crystals can help you blossom & grow.

*class specifics*
HOW TO TURN SPIRIT OFF AND ON: This month's topic for crystal class. A very important skill to learn as a sentient being is 'how to turn spirit off and on.'
How is your intuition, strong, loud, do you get dizzy? Sometimes headaches or other discomforts because you are feeling too much? A BIG part of handling your 'gifts' is learning how to control it. Why you say? So you don't get overwhelmed, so you are not 'on' all the time; one also needs to learn to turn it 'off'. One can collect a lot of crystals, go within learn to meditate and collect modalities and certifications....BUT! Do you know how to pull Spirit in? To feel, to hear and to move it around? Lets try, Debi will show you some basic and necessary skills.

Debi McKee is an amazing teacher with a great sense of humor and a sincere love for the topic; as a Crystal Healing Master she has 20 yrs of experience on 1000’s of clients. As Debi teaches, you get the opportunity to handle and feel the crystals being discussed. Class ends with a meditation to facilitate activation and retention of information.
Crystals Class is $25 & starts at 1 pm so leave time for parking. (it is Long Beach after all).
Call to (562)438-1267 to register for the class and hold your chair. See ya there.
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