Tarot Readings with Winnie Antos

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Sunday, February 26, 2017 12pm - 5pm
2828 Hartford Ave, Johnston, RI 02919-1651, United States

This event occurs in the America/Detroit time zone.


Winnie Antos
Intuitive, Psychic and Spiritual Tarot Reader
I am an Intuitive, Psychic and Spiritual Tarot Reader and have been reading Tarot for over 20 years. I connect with Spirit and my guides, (who are a colorful group), which sometimes adds a bit of humor and earthiness to my readings. Through my readings, I help and guide you on your Spiritual Journey and in your daily life. By discovering and acknowledging ourselves, we can strive towards a more positive outlook and way of life. I feel that we cannot succeed in life if do not love ourselves, know ourselves, believe in ourselves or heal ourselves. When we open ourselves up and recognize our flaws, we can become more aware of ourselves and others. By acknowledging this new awareness we have the choice to help and heal ourselves, if we choose to. I am a firm believer that we are all the “Masters” of our lives and how we see ourselves can determine the type of life we will lead…… what we reap, we will sow.
I am very passionate about Tarot and consider myself a lifelong student in it…. one can never have too much knowledge as far as I’m concern. I have taken classes and workshops in numerous areas, Numerology, Spirit Communication, Animal Communication, Connecting with Spirits, Energy and Chakra Energy and working with Spirit through the Pendulum to clear and clean negative energies; to name some. I also teach Tarot to those who are interested in learning.
At this event, in addition to regular readings, I am also offering “PREDICTIONS AND MANIFESTATION in 2017” reading for those who are curious about what may be happening in their lives in 2017. It will give you the opportunity to review 2017 in advance, which can bring information on how best to navigate the upcoming year and manifest positive outcomes. Six and 12 month readings will both be available.
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Blessed Be