Global Women's Synchronized Meditation and Local Sister Circles

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Wednesday, March 08, 2017 1am - 11pm

This event occurs in the America/Detroit time zone.


Join the Global Sisterhood for a Worldwide synchronized meditation for International Women's Day!

We unify to create Sacred Sisterhood, transforming ourselves and transforming the world - Together.

Thousands of women will gather locally in circles around the world to connect, heal, nourish, and uplift together at 19:00/7:00 PM YOUR Local Time Zone, with a Heart Meditation and prayer by the facilitator or through our live audio broadcast.

Let us all rise together with the power of the Divine Feminine!

You're Invited to:
* Join a local Sister Circle in your community by finding one on our interactive map
* Sign up to either facilitate a Sister Circle or align your current women's group/circle with us
* Join our live audio broadcast with special guest Mona Polacca, a Hopi elder of the International Council of the 13 indigenous grandmothers
*Join the Facebook Group for authentic shares and tips:

Click here for worldwide map and registrations:

Our live audio broadcast will be streamed from our Austin circle facilitated the Global Sisterhood directors Lauren Walsh and Emma Juniper with special guest Mona Polacca.

Click here to see the broadcast time in your local timezone:

Sisters, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers are invited in a Sacred Sisterhood where jealousy, competition, comparison, gossip, shame, and exclusivity are healed and transformed.

If you sign up to be a Sister Circle Facilitator you will receive the Sister Circle Guidebook, Organizer Resources, Heart Meditation, Theme Guide, an invitation into the private Facilitator Facebook group, and more!

This movement was activated on March 8th 2016 with 650 Sister Circles in 65 countries on International Women's Day!

"A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered." - Jeanette LeBlanc


Whether it’s your first time facilitating a Sister Circle, or you have been doing it for years - we are honored to support you with a Sister Circle Guidebook, Theme Guide, Organizer Kit, and private facilitator facebook group.

If you are already facilitating a new moon circle, we invite you to join us by incorporating a special Heart Meditation so we can harness the power of our collective Global Sisterhood focus together.

Sign up here to receive your free Sister Circle Facilitator resources or find a local Sister Circle to join:

As we transform ourselves, we transform the world #GlobalSisterhood #IWD2017

Men we need you too! Your support is vital to the flourishing of the Divine Feminine in our world!

Please share this event with all the women in your life.