Rhianna Mirabello, founder & owner of the Dreaming Goddess opened her doors in 1995, first as the Call of the Wild, a gift shop & trading post, and then the next year expanding into the Dreaming Goddess. Twenty years later, we are able to offer the community even more beautiful and meaningful gifts and tools for their personal journeys.

We are continuing to expand circles and classes we offer, such as our monthly Women's Full Moon gathering, our New moon manifestation circle, and various gatherings corresponding with the Wheel of the Year. We are also proud to offer our free monthly crystal lecture, Tea & Stones, our monthly Tarot Wisdom Gathering, and coming soon a monthly Herbal Magic series. We also offer classes on the Chakras, Tarot, receiving Reiki attunements, Munay-Ki rites and also workshops on Shamanism. We are delighted to find new ways to open our doors even wider to the community, and sharing our vision of love, light and wholeness.

Dreaming Goddess CompositeWe are honored that individuals can come to our shop as a reprieve or safe haven from their day. Our shop also serves as a place for our customers to find different tools to support them on their path, be it through crystals, or candles with the magical, potent blends of Coventry Creations. Blessed herbals pillars seem to be a favorite for people's' altars, and affirmation candles are loved as a personal tool for enlightenment & meditation. Blessing kits are beloved gifts for or tools for intentional transformation, and the Mojo line by Dorothy Morrison seems to serve as a perfect direct link to one's personal power in creating magic for oneself. We are so happy to be able to provide these lines to our community!

We are located at: 44 Raymond Ave

Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

All of the dates for our events can be found on either our website, www.DreamingGoddess.com or Facebook at www.facebook.com/dreaminggoddess and people are welcome to call us at 845-473-2206to find out more about registering for any classes.

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