Journey Home CompositeWe opened in 1988 and have been at the same location all that time. We are a metaphysical store specializing in crystals that are loose or in jewelry, and we have a selection of more than 250 different gemstones. We have a large assortment of incense, statuary, candles, essential oils, books, divination tools and card supplies for magic, meditation, and energy healing.

A large portion of our products are made in the USA, but we also buy imports from around the world. We know everyone we buy from -- at shows, from catalogues, or sales reps -- and only support fair-trade and eco-conscious companies. Our shop also has two of the most top-rated psychic readers in the county. Our website features many of our products, but most of what we have in the store is one-of-a-kind.


Coventry Creations is actually our best-selling candle line. Since we've started carrying the oils, those have been a big hit, too. The Coventry votives are the manager's favorite. We often burn the Money candle on our altar when we need a little boost in sales. Believe it or not, it always helps.


Journey Home Metaphysical

2950 Johnson Drive #113

Ventura, California 93003

805) 650-8272


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