Aradias Treasure CompositeAradia's Treasure Metaphysical Shop

19 N. Centre Street

Merchantville, NJ 08109

856 488-8187

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Aradia's Treasure is a full service metaphysical shop located in Merchantville, NJ. Our business began as service to the local Pagan community at a Farmer's Market and has evolved into a bricks and mortar operation! We carry a wide variety of products for not only magickal practice, but also with the theme of wellness for mind, body and spirit.

We also offer classes on many metaphysical topics, psychic readings and reiki sessions.

Of all the products in our shop Coventry Candles are quickly becoming one of the top two products that sell consistently well. Customers love the whimsical and funny statements on the products yet do not take the energy of the candles lightly. Many customers return reporting success in their magickal endeavors, and highly praising the quality of the candles.