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Thank you for your interest in Coventry Creations Wholesale. Our wholesale site has our most up to date information about our product listing, specials and current pricing for the wholesale market.

If you are looking to re-sell Coventry's products, www.coventrywholesale.com (www.type40sales.com) is the place to go for factory direct products.  We have a few easy qualifiers to get the wholesale prices;  1 - You are a reseller, 2 - You have a Tax ID number and, 3 - You make a $100 minimum order.  

A quick approval process with your  business information and Tax ID number is all that is needed to get you buying on the wholesale site.  Once you get approved, we are happy to welcome you the the Coventry Family or Resellers. 


 Some interesting things about our company

  • We are women owned and operated factory located in Ferndale Michigan (hop, skip and a jump from Detroit) and have been making magically inspired candles since 1992. We are a family business and currently have three generations working together… pretty harmoniously too.

  • We are a spiritual company. Our candles are hand poured during certain phases of the moon because we believe in the energetic influence the moon has in our life. All our essential and fragrance oil blends are unique and based on the spiritual properties of plants and aromatherapy principles.

  • We have chosen to make small batches to ensure freshness and make our candles with paraffin to help to reduce our “human footprint” (a waste product of the fossil fuel industry) in our candles. 

In this cold email age, we also always love a call if you have any questions about our Company, products and our site.  You can reach us at 800-810-3837 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jacki Smith"

For our wholesale website please go to www.type40sales.com