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Let me Help you bring out the Magic in Your Life thru the Use of Coventry Creations Candles It has been a joy for Mary  to spread the knowledge about  Coventry’s magical candles during these past ten plus years.  She has enjoyed the process of connecting customers’ needs with Coventry’s spiritual products.   These blogs are just an extension of t...he customer service that she circulates to our customers on an individual basis. More
Patty is Vice Pres and candle goddess at Coventry Creations. She is also a healer with certificates in Reiki Mastery, Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Yoga. Patty organized the Ferndale Reiki Share and Dharma Room Reiki Clinic. Patty is also a published writer. Her award winning books are Healers Almanac and DIY Akashic Wisdom (co-writt...en with Jacki Smith). More
My main focus here is Customer Care rep for wholesale at Coventry Creations. I've grown up with Coventry Creations, literally, the dynamic duo of sisters of Coventry Creations are really my mom and Aunt. I have seen the various evolution of the products and has lore would tell it even had a hand in naming a candle as a wee lass. I feel so happy t...hat I am able to work for my families company and top of everything a unique and interesting one!(I got lucky..what if they had started a paper clip company) More
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Ending on a high note
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Patty Shaw is the Vice President of Coventry Creations Ent. Inc. making spiritual products since 1992, author of the award-winning Healers Almanac, Wisdom of the 21st Century Goddesses 2008, Winding Road Publishing and co-author with Jacki Smith of award-winning DIY Akashic Wisdom, accessing the library of your soul 2013, Weiser Books. She is a cer...tified Spiritual Counselor through UCM, CA since 1992 and uses the Akashic records, Reiki Master, Director of the CWS Reiki Healing Center. You can email Patty at .. www.healingwithpattyshaw.com www.facebook.com/patty.shaw.90 www.facebook.com/cwsreikihealingcenter www.instagram.com/patty_smithshaw More
Breanna works in our marketing department and sometimes writes about candles. Only sometimes.
Jacki Smith this the founder, enchantress and visionary of Coventry Creations. She started Coventy in 1992 and with her sister and business partner, Patty Shaw, they have taken if from the kitchen stove to an international company. Author, teacher, presenter, radio host, reader and healer, Jacki has dedicated her entire life to the mission of norma...lizing the words “Witch” and “Magic.” Subscribe to Jacki’s blogs and follow her and Coventry Creations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can email Jacki direct - .   https://www.facebook.com/jacki.smith.37 - Jacki Facebook https://www.facebook.com/coventrycreationscandles/ -- Coventry Facebook https://twitter.com/coventryc - Coventry Twitter https://twitter.com/CoventryCandles - Jacki Twitter https://www.instagram.com/cdragon1/ - Jacki Instagram https://www.instagram.com/coventrycandles/ - Coventry Instagram More