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Guarantee you own success spell

Spell caster club spell Guarantee your own successWe can see clearly when we walk backwards and see where we’ve been. Hindsight is 20/20 but its accuracy depends on us to evaluate where we have been and what came of our efforts. Looking back is very educational, but it’s not the same as looking to the future.

Building an empire requires us to take some calculated risks and we hope and pray we chose right. What if no matter what we chose, we were going to fail? How do we overcome this problem? To guarantee our own success we’ll need an amazing spell. This is what this Witches Union spell was designed for; finding our subconscious saboteurs and neutralizing them.

Tolerate no shenanigans.

Coventry Products you’ll need; Motor City Hoo Doo Candles (Spiritual Cleansing, Uncrossing, Crown of Glory and Money Draw, Witches Union Crown of Success patch).

Other items you’ll need; written intent of your goal, 4 coins – penny, nickel, dime, quarter and $1 bill, gold fabric square and thread.

The Spell

Write down your intent and goal. Fold that paper towards you, turn the paper 90 degrees clockwise and fold again. Fold it until it will fit in the center of the gold fabric. Place the folded dollar and the coins on top of it. Next, light the Spiritual Cleansing and the Uncrossing candles, setting your intent to cleanse away any bad luck, ill will and /or personal sabotage from the goal you are working to manifest. Gather up the bundle you are creating in the gold cloth and pass it through the smoke and heat of the candles. Say a prayer or blessing of your own to cleanse your original written intent.

Light the Crown of Glory and Money Draw candles. Restate your original written intent and power it up by meditation on your goal; what will your life feel like once it has manifested? Dip the dollar bill and the coins in the wax, setting the intent that every dollar and coin you spend or receive gets you to your goal faster and faster. Pass the patch through the smoke and charge up its energy.

Wrap your bundle together and place the crown of Success patch on the top. Tie your bundle together with the gold thread 9 times to complete the spell. Carry the bundle with you every day to guarantee you own success. Relight all 4 candle every day until they are consumed.

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Heading for Easy Street
New moon in Taurus on May 15, 2018


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