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Haint Happenin’ at this house

Haint Happenin in this houseI’m a sensitive person, and being in a haunted house can be extremely jarring. The vibration of some earth bound spirits can be so dissonant that my stomach flips, I feel my ears pop and get a headache. I know that I’m picking up on their pain and its rough, which leads me to think, it’s this rough for me, how is it going for the ghost? As I get over my physical and emotional responses, I wonder, what can I do to help? As a spiritual counselor, I’m really wondering what can be done to help heal the ghost so they can be at peace and move on.

I’ve watched a lot of reality shows about ghost hunting on TV. The goal is to prove that ghost exist and measure what they are capable of doing. A lot of it is boring as it’s very hard to find a ghost and get it to perform for the equipment. Most the time it just irritates the ghost person and they go and hide again. It was the TV show Ghost Whisper that was more to my liking. She was solving mysteries, just so dead people could answer heavens call and keep moving on their journey. Haunting seems like a lonely existence. Spiritually speaking, after death, we should be on our way toward a well-deserved rest and spa time in the heaven worlds. So what went wrong for these earthbound dearly departed?

The dad from the Casper the Friendly ghost movie called it death with unfinished business. Newly deceased people become earthbound when they are too attached to the physical world and don’t let go or there is a loved one holding on so tight, leaving is near impossible. Other reasons is the death happened so fast or so violently that there is confusion as to what is happening. Confusion causes them to get stuck between worlds. Anytime someone dies and resists the call to heaven or the astral realm, a ghost is created.

What can we do to help loved ones reconnect with the journey back to heaven? They still have free will so it’s not likely an angel is going to grab them and take them home. They have to choose to go. This is one of the main reasons we pray for our dearly departed at funerals. We are helping them loosen their connection to the earth plane and turn their attention to their next step. The loved ones from the other side help by creating a stronger pull with love. It increases the desire to move to the dimension they belong in now that they don’t have a physical body. Lighting a candle and saying prayers also helps them remember to go into the light where there is so much love and healing waiting for them.

If you are being visited by a ghost or come across one in your travels, you can help them move on in the same way. Ask for loved ones from the other side to keep inviting them to come home. There is always someone from the other side who will claim a ghost. Everyone is loved. There is no judgement at this stage, only love and acceptance. The goal is to keep people moving and evolving. Whether you know the ghost or not, you can be part of their journey by wanting them to be welcomed home to deal with their issues from that life. If you are sure there is a haunting happening in your space, light a candle, say a blessing or prayer and invite in the light and love to surround the lost soul so they can choose to go home. We have three candles to choose from, Haint Happenin, Ghost release and Hekate, Queen of the Ghosts. Try one or all three to help you help others. It’s a beautiful and compassionate thing to do.

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Thank you Victorian Moon Antiques and Enchantment...
Full Moon in Libra September 24, 2018


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