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Do We really work in a Sacred Space?

Do we really work in a sacred space Evergreen blogIt has always made sense for us to work in a sacred space because we are very aware of how energy carries feelings and ideas. So we wanted to make sure we were making the candles you will burn for love, prosperity, protection and spiritual enlightenment in a space that just oozes joy, hope, love, safety, and worthiness.

Our products are for making magic, healing yourself, inspiration, creativity – for supporting you in any way you need to change the energy in and around your life. We couldn’t make those candles in just any old way – we needed to set the stage with ritual and reverence.

Our traditional way to create a sacred space was to cast a circle around the area where we poured the candles and forbid anyone from crossing the circle. Right away we saw the impracticality of that. We were a business and everyone was very busy bustling around doing all sorts of business like things. So we expanded our circle and the whole building became our sacred space. This was much more fun and since it included everyone and there was less tension between those in the circle and those outside the circle.

We didn’t want to lower moral by inferring that there are “more spiritual” people on staff. Equality and tolerance is important to our company culture. Over time we learned other ways to uplift and protect the energy in our work space. We’re always growing and exploring this world of ours and whenever we learned something new, we tried it out. Much of this came about when our employees wanted to join in and when they brought their rituals with them, we sat back and learned.

Now we call upon Archangels and Ascended Masters, set out pre-programmed crystals, light candles, sage and incense, call in ancestors, put elementals to work, set up altars, and pray to deity to help us create and maintain the beautiful energy here at Coventry.

Creating a sacred space at Coventry means more than casting a circle.

We taught our employees how their attitude, moods, what music they listen to and what they find entertaining adds to the energetic atmosphere right where we make the candles. (Have to monitor that chaos quotient). We asked our employees to do their best to practice tolerance, gratitude and be nice to each other. When there is a problem, we expect them to work it out peacefully. There is an open door policy concerning conflict resolution at Coventry. When management gets involved and helps everyone feel like they’ve been listened to, and validated, we are more successful in bringing peace and stability back into the group dynamic and the energy in our building.

We also looked into the history of the building and the land and invited a paranormal investigation group to come out to meter the ghostly activity. Not surprising, they were able to document soaring lights and EVP’s (sound). It was fascinating. Between the cool gadgets and the impressions picked up by the psychics, we found we had ghosts, spirit guides, and some “unfriendlies” hanging out with us. Some helped, some caused trouble.

After that experience we knew where to focus the spiritual cleansing and made those we wanted to stay, welcome and booted out the rest. That activity reset our energetic foundation and we build our sacred space on that and renew it 4 times a year. Now when we get ready to pour candles, setting up the room is easy breezy. It’s a system that has worked very well for us over the years and we’ll keep letting it to evolve as we do.

Clearing the air spiritually speaking is a great way to give you and your business a lift.

When establishing your own rituals we suggest adding these Coventry products to make the work easier. Here is our go to list.

Protection Blessed Herbal Candle

Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle

Spiritual Cleansing Hoo Doo Candle

Fiery Wall of Protection Hoo Doo Candle

Ganesha World Candle

Peace World Candle

Witch's Brew Candle

Poof! Wicked Witch Mojo candle

Tornado Wicked Witch Mojo candle

Call us at our shoppe (248) 547-2987 if you need guidance in picking the right Coventry product for your needs. We are happy to help. You can also connect with us on Facebook. We monitor it for questions every day.

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