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Creative blocks be gone! Magically

WU SCCC FebAre you experiencing a creative block? No worries, we can get you through to the other side of it with this powerful spell. Pick up the supplies from your local metaphysical shop or order online. Follow the spell and then get ready to let your light shine.

Coventry Products you’ll need: Red Stilettos Wicked Witch Mojo oil,Wishin Mojo Wicked Witch Mojo candle, Poof! Wicked Witch Mojo candle

Other items your customer will need: Journal, Talisman, Music Playlist

Feel the joy of creativity again with this Witch’s union spell

The spell: Gather your supplies in the room you normally create in. Center yourself by taking three deep breaths, with each exhale letting go of any frustration you’re holding in.

Turn on a playlist that helps you focus (classical, smooth jazz, and avoid lyrics!) and anoint the Wishin’ Mojo and Poof! Candles and our talisman with the Red Stilettos oil. Place the candles in their holders, light them and hold your talisman in both of your hands.

Close your eyes and visualize walking up to a brick wall and kicking it down with on powerful kick exposing a beautiful glowing creation. Notice the warm light emitting from the candles onto your face, and transfer that energy to the talisman. Write down or doodle any insightful ideas that may have come to you.

With the candles still lit, purge and clean your space of clutter. Rearrange the room if it is feeling stale, placing each item with a set intention. Don’t forget to blow the candles out when you are done.

Before bed, allow yourself to be bored and let your mind wander. Keep your talisman and journal nearby for potential brain dumps. Continue to carry your talisman with you to charge whenever you feel inspired or when you need inspiration. Also, light the candles while you are actively creating and wear the oil when you are on the go. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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