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Crop Circles, Alien contact or a Hoax?

There is a deeper mystery about crop circles that you may not know. I know I didn’t.  The more I learn the more I’m taken down a rabbit hole of circumstantial evidence, mysticism and scientific phenomenon. For example I didn’t know crop circles have been happening for a very long time. Centuries even.  Also, I recently learned we did something that may be the reason there are more recorded crop circle events happening all over the world and in greater frequency now than ever. In addition, the crop circles are becoming more and more intricate.
What did we do that may be the reason there are more crop circles? It has to do with the 1977 launching into space of Voyager one and the Golden Record. For a refresher, the golden record is a time capsule. It was placed in the missile and sent to deep space so someone from a galaxy far, far away would find it and learn about us and that we exist or existed. It was designed to be a greeting from earth. In the recording are fifty five different languages of “hello there” and analog images of us and our diversity. Are we being answered via crop circles?
Here is the interesting part of crop circles, scientist can’t out rule that they were created by something otherworldly. They also can’t deny that some of the circles look like images from the golden record. How could that be?  When viewed from an airplane they could see human DNA double helix strands, faces and binary code. Coming back down to earth, we can’t figure out how the circles were made and have not been able to replicate the process using tools available to anyone who would go to the trouble of making one.  Some of the circles are so large it’s not reasonable to believe that they were made in one night.  The plants have been twisted and laid down. Not one stalk was broken. This is why the phenomenon of crop circles has gotten our attention. We can’t figure it out.  There are no simple answers. Still we are captivated and want to know more and so do I.
Join me November 5th, 6:30 pm at the Birmingham Unitarian Church in Bloomfield Hills for a presentation on Crop Circles and a lively Q&A session with Al Hebert and Charles Mallet, the leading crop circle researcher in the UK. Charles was featured on Ancient Alien and the History Channel regarding this topic. Get discounted tickets at the Candle Wick Shoppe, 175 W 9 Mile, Ferndale, MI 48220, 248-547-2987 before Nov 5th.  At the door ticket price is $20 each. 
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