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Where are my Witches?

Where are my Witches?

It’s been almost 48 hours since I heard that Donald Trump is our president elect and since my friends were sobbing in fear, anger and frustration over this difficult election.    It has been almost 48 hours that I have spent contemplating what this means to me as a woman, mother, wife, boss and witch.   If you don’t know this about me, I am in an interracial marriage, have a mixed race daughter, and  I have many family and friends who are LGBT.  These fears are mine as well as yours.   I don’t even think I have fully embraced all of my emotions around this.   It’s been almost 48 hours and I am watching a wide range of emotional responses in the people around me from shock, shutdown, rage, protecting, and destruction.

I woke up, 24 hours into this new reality, and knew the position I hold in my community is more important than ever.   As an owner of Coventry Creations, writer, teacher, healer and activist; my job has always been to create a safe space for others like me.  This is a spiritual and physical space where my extended community can explore their spirituality, talk about their unique concerns, share their fears, find guidance and sometimes just look for companionship.

My job, Coventry’s job, Candle Wick Shop’s job is still the same and now more important than ever.   Your job as a store owner, teacher, reader, healer, guide, celebrant, community member is more important than ever.    I call you my witches because in your own way, you are my healers and magic makers.   By any religion or spiritual path, I lovingly embrace your witchy side and call to you all to spark up your magic, stay strong, support your community and listen.  Listen to the fears and let them fall away in healing love.  Listen to the whisperings of discontent and cleanse it of evil.   Listen to the hearts of the people around you and know that in the end we are all on the side of humanity. 

Let me, or any of us at Coventry know how we can help and support you.  If you are a business or a direct customer, we are here for you.   We love you.  


Jacki Smith & All the staff at Coventry.





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