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Can’t find the right words? Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance Candle will help

By Krystal A. Hubbard

clear a pathDo you have goals ready to conquer this year? Are you ready for what this year will offer you? We have learned what a “magical toolbox” is, how to organize it, and some ideas of what goes into it.

Now the rest is up to you. Oh, but how are you feeling? What’s going on emotionally? We have learned how to use the Blessed Herbal Stability and Inner Balance candle, but the Emotional Balance candle is a very different and brings very amazing results.


Speak and live your truth


There are many cogs in the machine of adulting. One cog of adulting is speaking your truth. Many people have a hard time with this and here’s why: People tend to go along with the masses when they secretly want to branch out on their own. They are afraid of becoming a social pariah just by being themselves. For me, this is where the Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance candle helps. It’s deep turquoise color relates to the Throat Chakra and from here we speak our truth. This is why I make sure that this candle is a staple in my magical toolbox.


For many years right around my birthday I would have a horrible case of laryngitis. I would not be able to speak above a whisper. If you knew me, you would know that that was THE most frustrating experience for me. (by the way, the only time I lose my voice now is if I have talked way too much!) I didn’t believe people wanted or even cared to hear what I had to say. As I got into regular meditation I learned that my Throat Chakra was blocked by all the things I wasn’t saying. It was me saying “yes” when I wanted to say “no”; it was me not saying how I felt or what I wanted. I was going along with the expectations of others and not following my own heart. Then two years ago I had an accident that left me temporarily unemployable--I broke my leg.


Necessity is the mother of invention--cliche, but true.


A disaster can clear a path for a new beginning


Have you experienced a disaster that felt as if there was no moving forward, only to find a freedom that you didn’t know you had? I found writing. That’s how I paid my bills while I was healing a broken leg. I asked for help and got it, because I was speaking from a place of transparency and truth. One thing that I know with great certainty is for the 25 years that the Blessed Herbal candles have been in existence, they are tried and true. The Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance candle clears your Throat Chakra, creates a stronger connection to Spirit, and it smells awesome! Any time we connect to Spirit we get information on how to move forward. Before we move forward we have to know and speak our truth, follow our intuition, and find balance emotionally. That’s what this candle does.


Meditating with this candle has kept my Throat Chakra cleared and my connection to Spirit strong. Yes, this too, is in my magical toolbox. My favorite time to use this candle is before I know I am going to have a tough conversation, especially when I need to check my emotions and perceptions before the conversation. Emotions are like water, they are fluid and can be very strong so making sure the emotions are balanced can prevent an emotional hurricane.


Be free to be who you know you are.

This month we have focused on different tools that can assist you in organizing your magical toolbox. The Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance candle is one of my staples to clear my Throat Chakra and strengthen my connection to Spirit. Next month we will talk about creating a charmed life. Sign up for Coventry Creations newsletter here so you don’t miss valuable information and updates!

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