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Fierce & Courageous Spell Caster Card - Prepping for the good fight

SpellCard FierceCourageous Lifestyle 470sqFierce and courageous are the energies needed right now. We are all feeling the effects of a stressed out world and it can drain your last hope if you don’t take action.

May’s Witches Union Spell Caster Card has the spell to cleanse off the spiritual crud and refill your reserves with your own version of Fierce and courageous energy.

We all have our own definitions of what it means to find our inner power and our courage and this spell helps you define and own your own version.

Fierce & Courageous - Prepping for the good fight

Gather up:

Motor City Hoo Doo candles
Crown of Glory
High John

Scales of Justice
Tranquil Home

Bowl of salt

Glass of water


Tea light

Gather all of your tools and candles into the center of the room. Face the west to cleanse: use the feather to brush off the negativity from others, use the tea light to absorb any manipulative energy, breathe into the water to rid yourself of self-doubt, hold the bowl of salt to pull out sabotaging fears. When you are done, place these tools to the side.

Light the candles: Tranquil Home candle to fill your energy with the power of peace, High John candle to fill your energy with confidence, Scales of Justice candle to awaken your integrity, Crown of Glory candle to blend all the energy with your divine self.

Feel this magic course through your body, enriching your soul, strengthening your character, and filling your spiritual tank. Stand with the divine, understanding your own value and place in this universe. You are able to handle any situation.

Dispose of the cleansing tools and relight the candles every day to fully embody your fierce and courageous self.


Now – Go make some magic!


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