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Does your happiness rely upon others?

Your Happiness BlogThose surprise attacks in the form of “constructive criticism” can tear apart your positive energy, especially when they come from people we seek approval of. We regularly doubt our own viability when others of authority disagree with us because we are constantly looking to others for validation; it’s our nature.

So, how do we get to a place where we can own and define our own happiness even in these situations of vulnerability? How do we create a stronger boundary that is always in place and not based in fight or flight responses?

When we become the biggest influence in our own life we define our own happiness.

We all know that our actions define us more than any other influencers. You are what you do and even the Law of Attraction talks about that. It’s funny how so many people think that the Law of Attraction begins and ends with the mind, but your thoughts and intentions are only the beginning of the process. How you act upon those thoughts and intentions are the key to the process.

Yes, you do need to dig deeper into your beliefs. Yes, you do need to uncover those fears and understand how they are driving you. These are all great initial steps and without them you have nothing. This is the FIRST step, meaning that there are more steps to follow. Without changing your actions your fears and beliefs will be the only thing that defines you.

To become the biggest influence in your own life, you have to find your voice. This isn’t the large voice you use to argue with the world. This voice is the small still voice that lives inside you that cheers you on, directs your intuition and helps translate divine guidance into action. We can help you find it – or even hear it clearer.

Finding your own Voice Spell

Helping Hand Motor City Hoo Doo candle

Crown of Glory Motor City Hoo Doo oil


Clear glass of water.

Find a quiet space that you can get 30 minutes of peace in. Anoint the Helping Hand candle with the Crown of Glory. Anoint your crown (top of your head), your hands and your heart with the Crown of Glory oil.

Light the candle and place the clear glass of water in front of it so you can see the flame is reflected in the water when you sit comfortably. Ring the bell three times and settle in. Let your vision get soft and look at the flame reflected in the water. As the tone of the bell recedes, you can start to hear your own inner voice. It may be small in the background beneath all of your cluttered thoughts but it is there.

Spend a little time in this place, meditating and letting your thoughts unwind. Let your mind relax, letting out all the circular thoughts that are cluttering you up unwind and release. You will catch moments of your inner voice talking to you in a quiet and confident way. When you are done mediating, ring the bell again and ask your inner voice to take on a larger role in your waking life.

Do this as often as possible over the next 7 days, or until the candle is consumed. You inner voice will become familiar to you and you will be able to discern between it and other random thoughts.


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