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Letting the Universe Take the Wheel

Blog June Blessing of letting goA few years ago, after the release of Frozen, the phrase “Let it go” barged into mainstream popularity. You couldn’t even go to Home Depot without hearing the song play. The quote made it’s way onto throw pillows, t-shirts, memes, wall art and even tattoos.

People love to talk about letting go because it’s a beautiful idea, but in reality, most never do because, letting go means releasing our control. We like to foresee and manipulate every possible outcome of every situation. Truly letting go means putting trust in something higher, something we can’t see with our naked eye, something we know next to nothing about. It’s a hard thing, and like most hard things, when we actually accomplish the act of letting go, a blessing is waiting on the other side.

When you exchange control for trust you gain true peace

Keeping your fists clenched around the minute details of your destiny comes with it’s own set of harmful symptoms. If you’ve ever walked through a transitional period, whether it was a switch of jobs, a new relationship, or a move, you’ve probably experienced stress, worry, sleeplessness and even poor health. In any situation where a phase of life is ending and the next step is unclear there are so many variables, so many outcomes to attempt to control. No matter how tight you squeeze or how detailed your plans, at least a few happenings will escape your grasp. Why? Because that’s life! Because the universe orders steps for us that may not be part of our plans, but in the end lead us to a far better outcome, and no amount of pushback on our part can halt that outcome.

Your late night ruminations of “What if X happens, what about Y? What’s my back-up plan?” are not productive, they’re only causing you more anxiety. So just shhhhhh…step out of the driver’s seat and let the universe take the wheel. This isn’t to say lay down and give up. Be an adult and take productive steps toward your next chapter, but loosen your grip, allow the universe to throw kinks in your plan, because it will. Learn to open your heart and accept these detours, to see them as learning and growing experiences, adventures, even. When you master the art of relinquishing control and putting trust back in the universe you gain the blessing of true peace. You are allowing something with a wider band of understanding, broader vision than you to make the moves. The grand scheme of the powers that be will come to fruition one way or another, and worry or pushback on your part only makes the process harder for yourself.

Coventry’s oils are perfect for the magic of letting go

Set up a sacred space in an area that soothes you. Burn some candles, incense, or sage and allow your body to relax and your mind to quiet. Rub a few drops of Blessed Herbal Happiness oil on your temples. Take a few small pieces of paper and anoint them with Blessed Herbal Calming oil. Write the stresses, qualms and fears you have on the papers. Then put them all into the palm of your hand and clench them into fists, representing the control you have tried to sustain. As you grasp the papers, tell yourself it’s time to let go, ask for the ability to trust the plan of the universe, and the blessing of peace. When you’re ready, release them into a creek, throw them in a dumpster, or burn them to symbolize that you are relinquishing control and letting the universe take the wheel.

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