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Who is the Man at the Crossroads?

Man at the CrossroadsThe Crossroads candle is back along with a key designed by Jacki Smith herself! Find out what wisdom deep within this key will unlock. Then call upon the Man at the Crossroads. He will ask you, “what is halting your personal progress”? “Which path is the right one for you”? Yes, he will be your escort through this trek in your personal Crossroad and he’ll also trick you into finding your own answers every step of the way.

Also known as Elegua, Elegba, or Papa Legba, your guide is a deity whose origins lie in Benin, Africa, and has roots in Santeria and Haitian Voodoo. He is the one that grants or refuses one access to speak with spirits, but is also a messenger. The Man at the Crossroads is also a prominent figure in music. Delta Blues singer Robert Johnson sings about how a large black man tuned his guitar at a crossroads, and that is how “the Devil” gave him the virtuosity he needed to become a great musician. Elegba is featured in many other songs, as well as TV shows and books.

Elegba is associated with the colors red and black and the number three. His day of the week is Monday. The best offerings for Elegba are candy, cigars, rum, tobacco, and palm oil. Should you choose to engage with the man at the crossroads, you need to be prepared.

For more information on your guide through the Crossroads ritual, visit coventrycrossroads.com for the full ritual.

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