We believe in your magic
Magic believes in You
Magical Solutions
for those old problems
You deserve the best outcome
it's yours for the taking
De-stress with magic
create the life of your dreams
Fix it fast
Fix it right
Take control of Karma
Put fate in your hands
Made when the moon is right
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What wonders await when you unlock the door to your true self?

August Feature Retail ImageWhat wonders await when you unlock the door to your true self?

Crossroads Limited Edition candle


Comes with blessed custom skeleton key
and online ritual at coventrycrossroads.com



The Crossroads candle gives you the key to find out what wonder awaits and how to be your own Magic Maker! This year’s Limited Edition Crossroads candle comes with a custom skeleton key that has our Coventry dragon guarding over your magic and titles you the “Magic Maker” on the back.

Jacki personally charged up and blessed each key on her Crossroads altar. This is powerful, one of a kind magic that opens up all of your potential. Visit coventrycrossroads.com for the video and additional instructions on the crossroads ritual (or try to QR code on the candle label)

It’s no accident that we brought this candle out in August. Yes, this is our annual, shameless celebration of Jacki’s birthday, but that pales in comparison to the Official 25th Anniversary of Coventry Creations. 25 years of making magic, 25 years of living our passion and changing the world one candle at a time. 25 years of tracking the moon, blending oils and watching wax cool. We wouldn’t give up one minute of it, and we’re grateful to YOU because you have been part of it every step of the way. Now you are here to celebrate the big 25 with us. THANK YOU!

Thank you Candle Wick Shoppe for being a Part of t...
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