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Musings from an Amateur Occultist

Talking about candles. You know, the usual.
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25 Tidbits About Coventry Creations

25 Tidbits1. No matter what room you’re in at Coventry Creations, it’s a room filled with magic. This is magic created by the people who work here, the atmosphere created by our lovely bosses, and what we’re creating.

2. Coventry was featured on QVC! A Blessed Herbal candle set for blessing your home (including Attraction, Happy Home, and Prosperity) was featured on QVC many moons ago.

3. Tony, our fulfillment clerk, is Coventry’s Czar of Puns and is always accepting challenges and pun opportunities.

4. Coventry’s building has been struck by lightning at least twice! I don’t have anything to add, that’s just kind of awesome.

5. Once or twice a year, we’ll do a building-wide cleansing, in which we gather up negativity with coconuts and shotgun cigars. It looks ridiculous and we all have a great time.

6. Coventry products have been sold in at least eight different countries, and 49 states in the USA.

7. By our August Anniversary, we will have sold nearly 3 million candles. (did you get yours yet?)

8. Both of Coventry’s owners are also authors! Patty Shaw wrote the Healers Almanac, and Jacki Smith wrote Coventry Magic, and together they wrote DIY Akashic Wisdom.

9. Both Jacki and Patty have won awards for their books from COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources).

10. Patty Shaw is a certified Reiki Master and runs the Reiki Healing Center in Ferndale, MI.

11. There are altars set up throughout the factory to give thanks to the higher powers that assist us in keeping Coventry magical.

12. We’ve used local and small businesses as our suppliers and have sold primarily to small businesses. Small businesses are very important to us.

13. Coventry is family run and family focused.

14. Coventry has two sister businesses- Type 40 Sales and the Candle Wick Shoppe

15. The first Coventry Candle ever made was the Blessed Herbal Prosperity candle.

16. The Witches Union products are the first Coventry line that isn’t candles; there are mugs, patches, matches and spell cards. It’s uncharted territory and we will travel it together.

17. Our candles really are made when the moon is right. We determine when we make our candles based on moon phase and what zodiac sign we are currently in. (And the moon is never wrong)

18. Jacki Smith is an initiated eclectic witch and student of many esoteric paths.

19. Jacki and Patty are both teachers. Patty teaches Reiki certification classes and created the Reiki Plus series at the Reiki Healing Center, and Jacki teaches Conjure classes and workshops, and runs the Witchy Wednesdays at the Candle Wick Shoppe. Together they have done workshops based on their book DIY Akashic Wisdom where they taught students how to enter their own personal Akashic Records.

20. Jacki looks up a new quote every day. Many of these inspirational quotes have been scattered about the walls of the factory.

21. In 2004 Coventry partnered with Dorothy Morrison to make her Wicked Witch Mojo candle and oils line. Now that we think about it.... Dorothy, Jacki and Patty have been witchy friends for a very long time.

22. Once food enters Coventry’s walls, it’s hers forever. Any food that comes into Coventry Creations will taste like candles when you take it home.

23. Three generations of the same family have worked here over the past 25 years. Jacki & Patty’s mother, sisters, children, and Jacki’s mother-in-law Mary.

24. We’ve been in our current location for 12+ years. Ferndale is where we call home and where we plan to stay for another 25 years.

25. We do, truly, live the magic everyday! And we owe it all to you. Thank you so much for being part of the Coventry family.

Crossroads Ritual Rundown
New moon in Leo on August 21, 2017

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