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Return to Sender

Return to senderrOne of the most ancient and widely recognized symbols in the world, the evil eye is used in numerous cultures, and nearly every major religion. Today, it can be found on amulets, T-shirts, pillows, tattoos, and coffee mugs. The evil eye is a curse cast by a malevolent glare that can cause misfortune, illness, injury, and even death.

Numerous talismans have been created to ward away this glare, most of them have some depiction of concentric blue and white circles meant to represent an eye. It is believed these staring eyes catch the sender’s malicious gaze and direct it back to them. Making them fall prey to their own curse.

Have you ever suffered a seemingly never ending bout of misfortune for no reason? A period where it feels like shit is continually hitting the fan? Illness, financial troubles, relationship issues all at once? Sounds like you may have fallen prey to a jealous witch’s evil eye. Unfortunately in the pagan community, the more gifted you are, the higher you climb, the more you become a target for the negative, greedy witches who want a slice of your spicy mojo. It’s easy to give in to the curse, to lay down and accept defeat, but that curse is only working because you’re letting it. So get off the couch, throw away those crumpled tissues and trade your sweatpants for a witchy outfit. It’s time for some payback. Cue the sound of sucking teeth. Payback? Yes, payback. Sometimes protecting yourself means going on the offense, and sending a hex back to it’s place of origin isn’t malicious, it’s giving the sender their just desserts. Allowing someone to rain on your parade for their own gain isn’t noble, it’s just being a doormat. So get up, and let it be known, you’re not one to mess with. So how do you combat someone leeching off your power and success? Go old school, hit em with the tried and true evil eye!

The Evil Eye candle from the Witches Brew line contains a powerful blend of herbs and oils, crafted to surround you in an impenetrable web of spiritual protection. Take a piece of stationery and write a letter to your oppressor, tell them how their jealous gaze and negative intentions have affected you and what sort of consequences you want them to face. Feel free to be angry and honest, but be careful what you wish for! Rub a few drops of Witches Brew Evil Eye oil into the letter, place in a postmarked letter and inscribe it: return to sender. Place the candle on top of the envelope and light. Burn for periods of a couple hours over the course of nine days and then get back to killin’ it!

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