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Why puppies and kittens will save the world

HM why puppies and kittens will save the worldIt is by no accident that we are able to have wonderful relationships with our pets and many animals in the wild. What is good for animals is also good for us because we are all connected.

Even our DNA shows we are just a few strands away from being identical. We all have the same roots.

Animals are such an important part of our life. They help us increase our ability to love, renew our faith in ourselves and accompany us on our path of healing. This is especially important in situations where we have mobility challenges, are lonely and have limitations around connecting with people because of PTSD and other abuses. Animals can provide us with grounded energy that is patient, forgiving, accepting and playful. They also create space for us to learn how to give love in a safe way because they cannot judge us or reject us in the same way a person can. This is why I believe puppies and kittens will save the world. The better we get at loving ourselves the better we will get at loving each other. Puppies and kittens will show us the way.

Professionally trained service animals and emotional support animals are available to us thanks to associations like Certapet, American with Disabilities Act, Leader dogs for the Blind, and Can Do Canines, to name a few. These associations train our pets to help us with tasks and to respond to us appropriately during a seizure or panic attack. This also is very rewarding for our pets because they all need to have a purpose in life just like we do.

We can all be dog whisperers. Caesar Milan demonstrated over and over again that dogs need a job and they need to feel like they belong to something. We call that being in a pack. Our dog pets consider us their pack. We are the pride for our cat pets. Caesar made it very clear, we need to demonstrate alpha behavior with our pets. What that says to me is, we need to develop our leadership skills. This is another way the animal world helps us. On our path to enlightenment, we have to master ourselves and animals help us evolve. When we shy away from being responsible, taking action and being a leader, our pets may act like, if you’re not going to be the boss, I will. Somebody has to be the boss. That’s the rules. What we see is aggressive or stubborn behavior, destructive chewing and defecating on our personal property. That is how they send the message, get off your butt and be in charge.

If you are in the middle of a power struggle with your pet, it’s time to do some pet communication and reset the roles in the family. Get your Witch’s Union Pet Familiar patch and activate it. Then light either a Black Cat Hoo Doo candle or a Pet Blessing, Blessing Kit and go into meditation while focusing on your pet. Send a telepathic message to your pet that you are the boss and you will take care of all your pet’s needs. Affirm that they will always have enough food, a warm and dry place to sleep, play time, and work time. Let them know you love them and need them in your life. Thank them for helping you in all the ways that they do. Then pause and be open to a message from them. There may be something going on they are concerned about. This is often the case when their routine is changed or another member of the family is acting different or gone for longer periods of time or completely gone. After the meditation, spend time with your pet in play, cuddling, or a skill development activity. Reminding your pet of their purpose cures a lot of power struggles because trust and relationship have been developed.

Animals are people too and just like people, they are evolving. They reincarnate to high and higher versions of themselves until they cross into the realm of human incarnations. That is their next step. What an interesting idea. I know you all know an animal that ‘acts’ so human. It’s because they are just about there. They need us to love them through their evolution. The best thing you can do for animals is to love them, treat them kindly, take really good care of them and believe they have rights too. We don’t own them, we co-habitat with them. They are part of the family and are in service with us and definitely not our servants. They want to help us and we are also charged with helping them. It is our duty to help animals evolve.

To increase the amount of love flowing between you and your pet, work with your heart chakra. Meditate with our Chakra Magic candle, Healing. Light it and practice releasing the pain you hold there into the flame. Then allow your heart to be filled with love, peace and healing energy. After the meditation, spend time with your pet in play, cuddling, or a skill development activity. Doing this will increase the loving bond between the two of you. Include lots of praise and don’t forget the treats. Lastly, give yourself praise for doing this. Go ahead and give yourself a treat too.

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Our magical products are available at CoventryCreations.com or at your local spiritual supply store. To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter here.

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