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Three steps to creating a charmed life

Three steps to creating a charmed life HealingMagic 470sqWhen you look into the mirror do you like what you see? The best way to gauge your level of self-love is to notice your reaction to your reflection in the mirror. Did you go straight to critical analysis or did you smile at yourself? If you did not fall deeply in love with your eyes, the mirror of your soul, it’s time to re-evaluate everything you stand for and how it’s manifesting in your life.

It’s time to renew your vows to honor, cherish and love yourself forever and always, for better or worse.

It’s time to fall back in love with yourself.

Everyone has something that they hate about themselves. They blow it up so big it’s all they see and it’s all they think others see too. Now that is just sad and such a waste of time and energy. Personally, I’ve got big thighs. Whenever I go out in public I think everyone is looking at my thighs and saying horrible things about me. Truthfully, they are not, because I am not my thighs. Those that don’t know me may notice my thighs and decide they know who I am because I allowed my thighs to get so big, but they would be wrong. They would miss an opportunity to know what magic Patty holds deep in her heart and is willing to share if given an opportunity. Now take your own feelings about your worst feature and shrink it down to nothing and start the process of not just accepting yourself, but loving yourself. You are not your worst feature.

Use Magic to hold the space of love for you.

Doing a candle ritual is one of the best ways to create a space of love while you re-evaluate why there is so much negative self-talk in your head. This three step candle ritual is easy to remember and very effective.

First step is to forgive yourself for being a jerk, lazy, uninspired, or mediocre. You were never meant to be perfect anyway. Remember the gift is in the journey, not the destination. I recommend lighting a Wakin the Dead Wicked Witch Mojo candle. In meditation, ask your ancestors to help you stop kicking yourself for making mistakes or missing the mark or not being whatever it is you think you should be. You are their dream of a better future for the family and they love you very much. Mostly, they want you to see what they see, that you are a gift to the world and full of potential.

Second step is to let go of all the judgements put upon you by others, starting with your parents. NO ONE knows you as well as your creator does. Spend some time listening to the intuition coming down from on high. You will be blown away by what you hear or see. Let it replace all the criticism you heard from your parents. Enhance the experience by meditating with our Uncrossing Motor City Hoo Doo candle to help release all those attachments between you and the past. As you meditate ask the attachments dissolve and protection surrounds you. Another thing you need to do is release the internal dialogue you accepted from family, friends, school mates, authority figures about you. Just let it go. It’s irrelevant now and besides it was more about them than it was about you anyway. Put it all in the flame of the Uncrossing candle to be transformed.

Third step is to affirm that it is time to love yourself again. This may mean doing some affirmation work and lighting a few candles until you really own this. I recommend, from our Affirmation line, working with the Love or Soul Mate candle. Light it every day while you affirm that you are all that and a bag of chips too. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be lovable.

Louis Hay gives us 10 ways to Love our self. From The Essential Louise Hay Collection. These are abbreviated from the original text.

  1. Stop criticizing yourself
  2. Stop terrorizing yourself with frightening thoughts
  3. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Parent yourself.
  4. Be kind to your mind. Don’t hate yourself for having negative thoughts. Stop blame, shame, guilt and punishment.
  5. Praise yourself. It will build you up. Even when you make mistakes there is something there to celebrate.
  6. Surround yourself with supportive people.
  7. Love your negatives, they are all part of your creation.
  8. Take care of your body. Love your body.
  9. Do mirror work to find out the cause of an issue. Say I love you, what can I do for you today at your reflection and listen to your inner voice.
  10. Love yourself NOW. Don’t wait until you get it right. Loving yourself attracts good into your life.

Before you can take your first step you need to get your magical supplies. Get on the phone, on the web or over to your local magical store and stock up on the candles you need for this powerful bit of magic. Then get ready to live a charmed life.

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Many magical products are available at coventryCREATIONS.com or at your local spiritual supply store. To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter here.

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