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New Moon in Libra October 8, 2018

New Moon in Libra October 8 2018Our new moon is hanging in the balance in the sign of Libra. She does not expect us to be the master already. Her job is to move us toward desiring more balance. She will expose the shadowy areas in our life where things are too heavily weighted in one direction or another.

All she asks us to do is let go of what no longer serves us. Simple right?

In response, you may find yourself diving into your closets and getting rid of stuff you haven’t needed for years. Or opening up your eyes to the kinds of people you have surrounded yourself with and really looking at them. Or, getting honest about the work you do and assessing its value to your life. No matter what area of your life is out of harmony with your soul, Libra will make you aware of it so you can take care of business.

I’m not immune to the Libra moon either. I’m out of balance where work meets leisure. Work tips the scales every time. The only person happy with that is, well no one. When I’m exhausted everyone suffers, ME, my sister and business partner, my family and my clients. During this new moon I’m going to turn over a new leaf and get my workaholic nature under control and on a new lifestyle path.

What does attaining a more balanced life have to do with our psychic abilities and why do we need a Witch’s Union Psychic patch? Confusion and chaos brought on by imbalances only scramble our mental processes and interfere with psychic signals. It’s our psychic senses that do their best to bring us back into reality when we are fooled by the physical world. “Hey dufus, the person behind that smiling charming face is lying to you.” Being in balance means you have more tools at your disposal.

Brain fog and trickery be gone I say! You can do this by taking back your life with well-placed decisions and a return of harmony and balance where needed most. Here is what you have been waiting for, the how to portion of this blog. Get yourself a Witch’s Union Psychic Patch, Coventry Creations Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal candle, and Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal oil from your local store or through coventryCREATIONS.com.

During the new moon light the Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal candle and anoint your forehead, throat and heart chakras with the Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal oil. Rest easy and let your mind quiet. It’s time to let go of what is no longer useful. As you reflect on all the things you can’t do because you have too much clutter, you work too much or take care of to many people, look for the opening for change. Your unconscious mind will let pictures float up that show you what you can delegate, throw away, and let go of. If you have emotional resistance or negative responses, let them come and go. Then focus on the images of change. After the meditation, write down your impressions. You will use them to make a plan for your changing future. Do this mediation again at another time if you need to clear out more resistance.

Next open the packaging for the Witch’s Union Psychic patch. Follow the directions and do the meditation. Anoint the patch with the spiritual cleansing oil with the intention that you will practice opening your psychic gifts and let them help you navigate your life.

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