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Full Moon in Taurus October 24, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus October 24 2018A Taurus full moon peaks our desire for luxury and all the pleasures of life. Remember two weeks ago when you were craving balance? If you did the work, there is less stress pressing down on you today, so now, you can relax and enjoy the security you’ve created for yourself.

Congratulations, you have moved from the desperate place of survival to the more enjoyable and creative place of thriving, status and the sweet smell of success.

Thank you for doing that. Thank you for daring to change. It’s the only way we can collectively rise above what holds us down or back. Every time I “do the work” and heal myself it’s easier to follow my dream of helping others heal. That may not be your dream, but it works the same. When you move out of survive and into thrive, you are now part of a solution that contributes to helping the next guy. Trust me, those who thrive are grateful and happy to share their success with others. Happiness is a magnet for everyone. The moment I let go of years of being emotionally and mentally (more than likely spiritually) pinched tight was the moment I really relaxed. I couldn’t wait to share my sense of relief with others. I was a new disciple of the thrivers (new word?). I knew from the bottom of my heart, if I could let go, anyone could. It just takes the right timing and combination of surrenders.

Less stress means more joy and that creates a bee line to being open to using all your senses. I’m talking psychic too. If you are feeling a little rusty or are seriously a newbie at it, there is a remedy for your situation. It includes, meditation, relaxation, encouragement and practice. Hopefully you got yourself the psychic patch and did the meditation on the new moon. If not, get it and do it. During this full moon in Taurus you’ll have all the right stuff to keep going and greatly strengthen you psychic muscle. Taurus’s love to work hard and you will be completely inspired by this wave of energy thanks to Ms. Luna.

Now, for your psychic skills workout, pick a time of day you can do this and make it a routine. In your meditation space, get grounded and light the Intuition Affirmation candle. Anoint your third eye with Cinnamon Energetic oil and Cedarwood Energetic oil. If your skin is sensitive, place the oil in a diffuser. While in meditation, imagine light coming down from your higher self and filling your third eye with an orange red flame. Ask that it cleanse and clear all that blocks your psychic gifts. When that is done, imagine a blue light flowing down from your higher self and into your third eye. Ask that this light heal all the mechanisms of your psychic gifts be healed. Next, ask for a flow of white light to come through the top of your head and into your third eye to raise its vibration and attune it to become sensitive to divine inspiration. Finally visualize a flow of golden light coming into your head and surrounding your third eye, asking it to be protected. Then ask the golden light to surround all of you and place you in a golden bubble of protection.

After a week of doing this meditation, start putting your psychic gifts to work. Healing, clearing and opening are just the beginning. You have to use it to strengthen it and create accuracy. Use any of your favorite divining tools to practice. My favorite is using tarot and oracle cards. Have fun, this is an exercise in reconnecting with the joy of being with the divine!

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