Full moon in Leo January 20 2019We got a lunar eclipse in Leo, this month so our egos may need to be put on a leash. Our tendency for drama could cause a lot melodrama because the eclipse will bring out the shadow side of Leo.

Here’s a remedy for that. Distract yourself with a great movie, see a local band or go to a comedy club. In the feels department, show your love how deep your affection runs in a very personalized way. These positive actions will keep you from indulging any over the top ego driven desires. Nobody likes that.

To make sure you stay balanced during this full moon do this candle ritual. It will completely change how you feel about yourself and your life. You will need an Inner Beauty Affirmation candle, and Wicked Witch Mojo Forever Mine oil. This ritual is designed to ignite true self-love. Not the superficial egotistical narcissist kind. The real kind where you can love yourself through mistakes and learn new perspectives. Be forgiving of yourself when you really need it. Love yourself so much, it becomes a breeze to love others because all competition and jealousy has melted away.

Ok, I believe you have the picture. Set aside time and space for yourself. Dab a little Forever Mine oil on each wrist and anoint the candle with some too. Light the Inner Beauty Affirmation candle and put it in a candle holder. Place it in front of you and release all the ways you have criticized yourself into the flame. You can speak it, write it or think it. If you write it, you will burn the paper in the flame of the candle when you are done writing your list. Once you have emptied out these thoughts, it’s time to forgive yourself. Ask for forgiveness for each mistake you have made, then follow up with, “I forgive you”. Feel your aura and body become lighter with each confession and forgiveness. Using your imagination and power of attraction, ask to be filled with joy, love and peace. Then let this gift overflow into your family, friends, co-workers, neighborhood, city, state, country, and then the entire human population. Let yourself feel connected to the joy, love and peace in everyone. Hold that for a few moments and then come back to yourself, bringing the joy, love and peace back to you. Feel gratitude for this beautiful ritual and then ask to be surrounded by protection, strength and courage. Now you are ready to go out and play. Blow out your candle. You can save the candle and do this self-love ritual again and again until the candle is consumed. Namaste.

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