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New Moon in Aquarius on February 4th

New Moon in Aquarius Feb 4 2019. Moon magic blogA new moon in Aquarius gets us desiring to connect to larger groups of people on social issues. There certainly are plenty to choose from. It will do your soul good to join an outreach program and activate your generous heart.

In business you will find networking a breeze as people around you are also wanting and needing to shake hands and make noteworthy relationships. Making friends will be top of mind too. If you have been in a hermit phase, it’s safe to venture out now. Have fun and enjoy the camaraderie.

This month we are encouraging everyone to connect to their muse and work on something creative. You could certainly do this with others. It’s so fun to be on a team and accomplish something that can only be done when everyone chips in with sweat equity and good ideas. Don’t forget our Hive Magic Witches Union patch. Doing the accompanying spell can really get the gang together and cooperating beautifully. It can also help you find like minded people and put energy into creating wonderful friendships that could last a lifetime.

Dazzle your friends by being a Coventry Creations magic maker!

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