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Full Moon in Libra on March 20, 2019

Full moon in Libra March 20 2019Libra has to do with relationships and business partnerships and the Full Moon gives us an opportunity to remove things from our life that are not working. This is a great time to do magic focusing on ending relationships or partnerships in a positive manner.

Libra helps us understand the other person, and their needs, yet let us honors our personal desire to let go. Since Libra is also a legal sign, we can use this Full Moon to help resolve any long-term legal issues and bring them to a good conclusion

Candle Ritual for the best possible outcome

You will need Inner Balance and Happiness Blessed Herbal candles, two candle holders, and two silver coins of the same value. Place one coin in each of the candle holders, then place the candle on top of the coins. This represents the scales of Justice and you are asking for balance and fairness to happen.

Write the person’s name or the situation you need help with on the happiness label or a piece of paper and place it in between the two candle holders. Light the two candles and ask for the best possible outcome happen for this situation, and that it happens for everyone involved. Light your candles and allow the energy of your prayers and this ritual to go to work. State your intention or prayer and light the candles for a period of time every day until they are gone. Always extinguish your candles when you are done and never leave a burning candle unattended

Watch for evidence of changes in attitudes and circumstances. Stay dedicated to being a positive force in the situation. Life isn’t a straight line and you don’t have control over everything, but you do have control over how you react and respond. Stay fair-minded and kind and wish the other parties well as they leave your life. As your long term legal issues resolve, be humble about your victory and promise to always choose the high road.

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