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New moon in Gemini June 3, 2019

New Moon in Gemini June 3 2019Have you ever thought back on a bad experience and really felt awful about yourself, as if time didn’t do what it promised and heal that wound for you? Yes, I have too and it has held me back and colored my opinion of myself.

So strongly that stopped me from doing things I love to do and under other circumstances were very good at. I declare that now during this Gemini full moon, you are going to join me in letting all that go and begin again.

I chose this new moon to do this delicate work because Gemini is great at opening us to wanting to learn. Its gift of conversation helps us find just the right words to change our minds about how the past is going to affect us. Put both of those skills together and we have a path to our pain and the wherewithal to ask, what did this experience teach me? I know for a fact it didn’t teach us to crawl into a fetal position and freeze or that one failure means always a failure.

When the time lord lies and we’re still in pain

We have to take matters into our own hands. To find out our own answers we will do a candle meditation and healing together. You will need an Answers Chakra Magic candle and Love Chakra Magic spray, a few sheets of paper and a pen. We will mediate with the candle and use the spray to support our changing aura. Before the mediation, choose one situation that has really got a hold on you. You will find it in the area of your life you feel really blocked. Once you got it, write out what happened.

Now we will meditate on it. After removing all the packaging and putting the candle in a candle holder, light it. Pull the experience up in your mind again and look at it objectively, as if it was happening to someone else. Don’t allow yourself to go into an emotional reaction. If you have feelings that need to be expressed, and that is perfectly alright, take the time you need to get them out, but don’t lose control of your emotions. Stay in the present moment with this review.

Now continue with your review. At some point you will shift your perspective from what happened to you to what you brought to the situation. Only you know your motivation around the way you participated. To be clear this is not about blame but about what you learn about yourself. For example, my book launch did not sell many books and I was devastated. Every time I think about writing another book I feel sick to my stomach because it brings up too much pain. I believed I couldn’t write a good book. What I learned was, I was learning. This was my first book and mistakes are inevitable. That doesn’t mean I should never write another book. That is not the point.

As you meditate, look for the point of your experience. Be soft and open your mind to the higher perspective. It will show you why you put yourself in that situation. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help narrow the playing field of possibilities. Was it to strengthen a skill set or an aspect of your character? Were you motivated by ego alone? Did you take a risk so you could test yourself? Why did it devastate you? Why did you let it stop you? If you were in that situation again, what would you do differently? What would you belief about yourself?

When you are done with your mediation, write down on a separate piece of paper what you learned. Now, and I’m not kidding around on this one, forgive yourself and all those who played a role in the experience. Release all the psychic attachments to the situation, the people and how you felt about it all. Say your “forgives” out loud and really mean them. Next I want you to appreciate yourself for trying, for taking a risk, for getting through the experience. Decide to let this be something that builds you instead of tear you down. For me, I took time to be proud of myself for writing a book and investing my own money and time into a project I felt strongly about. I loved myself for taking a risk, for doing something way outside my comfort zone. Do this same thing for yourself.

When you are done, take a deep inhale and then exhale. Light the paper with your description of the situation on fire. Later you will dispose of the ashes out in the street or in your garden. Blow out the candle and smile in a way that you can feel from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Congratulations, you just changed the energy around the situation and around you. With the Love Chakra Magic spray, spritz your aura every day to help all the residual negative energy leave your aura as you finish processing. Do this mediation again and again. It will keep you moving up and out of your limitations.


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