Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17It’s big picture time with this big ‘ole full moon. A sag full moon puts stars in our eyes and idealistic ideas in our heads. Sounds exciting and perfect for goal setting but are we losing ourselves in it? It’s possible we have gone too far out and don’t have a good ground or foundation to build on.

The caution here is to respect the big picture and check it like a sailor checks the stars, but is still watching the waters for the iceberg the size of New Jersey. We all know what happens next, right?

To help you balance these two very important aspect of navigating your life, I suggest during this full moon you shift your focus to what you can accomplish right now. Yes you may want to start a business, but you still have to file the paperwork with the government. The devil is in the details and believe me, when you forget an important detail it could sink the ship.

Big picture out of control? Come back to the now.

If you are struggling with big picture hallucinations and are quite mesmerized, do yourself a favor and get grounded with this quick meditation. You will need a Stability Blessed Herbal candle and Success Chakra Magic spray. Remove all the packaging from your candle, place it in a candle holder and light it. Close your eyes, calm and center yourself with a few deep breaths and become very focused on the present moment. Now imagine you are outside sitting on the ground (or you can be outside with your candle).

In your mind’s eye, watch as roots grow from your tail bone deep into the earth. They go wide too. Just like a tree. Observe them growing into the earth until you sense they have stopped. Don’t worry if they don’t go all the way to the center of the earth. It’s not necessary. Now just be still for a moment. Feel the earth, its pulse beat and the electromagnetic field. Feel how you are both repelled and pulled at the same time.

Let the earth hold you like a mother holds her baby. Full of love, nurturing and protection for her child. You will be amazed by the way it feels, like you are being fed with strength, vitality, and serenity all at the same time. It brings on a new level of confidence because you feel like you can do a lot more than you have been doing. Much of your self-doubt just dissipates. Your ability to focus on the task at hand is blowing your mind. This is just what you needed.

Breathe up this beautiful connection with the earth and let it fill your whole body and mind. Release into the earth all that jazz about your limitations and what the other guy is doing to mess with your big picture. Free your mind of worry and competition. Get in sync with divine timing and build trust that your big picture is in good hands and you can let it be while you tend to your next step.

Now thank the earth for her love and support. Feel really connected to her and all of nature. Absorb the wisdom that comes with this connection and use it to manage your life. Get up, blow out your candle and spray around your root chakra with the Success Chakra Magic spray. Do this meditation often and especially when you get lost in the big picture.

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