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Full moon in Pisces September 13, 2019

The Full Moon this month occurs in the sign of Pisces on September 13th. Pisces is difficult to maneuver because it is never clear about anything. Smoke and mirrors, confusion, and sometimes deception follows Pisces around like a dog with a bone. Also, Pisces is the sign associated with addiction.

Since this is a Full Moon, we can use it to remove things from our life that are not useful, and addictions would be a great one to remove.

Here is a candle ritual you can use to get you clear and working toward freedom from an addiction of any kind. You will need Healing, Heart, and Needed Changes Blessed Herbal candles. Remove the packages from your candles and place them in candle holders. You can put them on your altar too. It’s always an excellent idea to get help from your ancestors and spirit guides.

Cure for the smoke and mirrors syndrome

Light the Heart candle and spend time forgiving yourself for being weak to an impulse or addiction. Let all your self-pity, fear and pain go into the flame of the Heart candle. When you feel emotionally free, light the Healing candle. This is the time to surrender this challenge to the source or God. Admit that you can’t do this by yourself and you need to lean on your creator for strength and courage. Ask for the healing to go into your own will power and inspire inner strength, wisdom and clarity. Ask for the healing to clear your mind of all thoughts of weakness and self-destruction. Ask for healing around the way your addiction overpowers you at times. When you are done, light the Needed Changes candle. The energy from this candle will support your every thought, word and deed while you get clear, strong and completely re-write your life script. Each day, make a decision about your life and behavior and then act on it. When you slip up, go back to your candles and repeat the ritual. To really ground this in your daily life, look for support from those who love you. Let them know what you are doing and how they can support you. Choose these people very carefully, there is no room for back stabbers or saboteurs.

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