New Moon Leo August 21stBeing a creative magician takes courage, a bit of flair and knowing what you are going for. Absorb the energy of the August new moon as you build up your mettle to manifest. Leo the lion will help you tap into your inner resources because you’ll need a strong and focused will too.

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun. The sun can represent divine will for us and getting in alignment with that will add so much more power and clarity to our creativity. It will help us understand our true goal and the way to achieve it. Which I might add, can be leaps and bounds better that what we planned. Whenever I don’t know what I want or how to get from point A to point B I turn to this little candle magic ritual to show me the way and give me a jolt of confidence as well.

Empower your magic making by aligning your will with divine will.

Get yourself a Happiness Blessed Herbal Candle and some Energy and Will Blessed Herbal oil (or any Coventry oil that matches your goal). You are going to empower your magic making by aligning your will with divine will. In this ritual you’ll be letting the divine will infuse you with the energy you need to see clearly what is in your best interest, and the path or next step to getting there. Anoint the candle with the Energy and Will oil, place the candle in a candle holder and light it. Say the blessing on the label and add a short statement of your own. The divine wants us to be happy and successful and will help us see our way clear to that goal. Let the candle burn down, you can do this in daily three hour segments. Be open to inspiration, intuitions, books falling off shelves and statements said to you that fit beautifully into your questions about your goals and plans. Sometimes I get a tarot or psychic reading to help tease out the inspiration I’m not quite getting. Happy magic making this new moon!

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