New Moon SeptemberA new moon is our opportunity to begin again. In our theme of getting back to basics, I am reminded of clutter and the obscenity of it all. If having too much stuff is stressing you out and cluttering your mind, it’s time to make your three piles.

KEEP, SELL, or DONATE. The fourth pile goes straight to the dumpster and I hope you pulled out all that can be recycled first. The secret to this is to do it fast. Don’t reminisce, just make the decision and keep on going. Since we’re under the influence of a Virgo moon, this will be easier than you imagined.

Stuff is stagnant energy. Clear it out of your house and you’ll get your sharp mind back.

I can sense you need a candle ritual to get you started. Those of us who like to keep purchasing without releasing the old will find this ritual a breath of fresh air and life changing too. If you are ready to change your pack rat ways, here’s your list of tools: Grief Affirmation Candle, a letter opener or a pair of scissors, Keep Calm Wicked Good Spray. Step one, place the candle in a candle holder and light it. Imagine the flame is burning off all the attachments you have with this stuff you need to get rid of. After the easy ones are gone, use the letter opener or the scissors to cut away the rest of the attachments by either making gentle slashing movements in your aura all around you or use the scissors in a snipping motion in your aura. Go from head to toe as best you can. Don’t forget your back. Keep your intention on breaking your attachment to the stuff that you need to let go of. Let the candle burn for a few hours as you go through your process of letting go. There will be resistance, emotions and negotiations. Hear out those voices in your head and then tell yourself, I’ve decided and that is final. After you are done, blow out the candle and rest or go out and have some fun. Above all, don’t buy anything.

The next day, wake up refreshed and committed to clearing out the clutter with joy and a sense of newfound freedom. You’ll find life is much easier when you’re not carrying everything on your back. Do I see a spring in your step? Ooo la la. Oh, I almost forgot. If you are feeling stressed at all about it, spray yourself and your room with Keep Calm Wicked Good Spray. That’ll get you through it.

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