Full Moon OctoberAs the full moon rises in the sign of Aries on October 5th I’m inclined to ask, “What’s your style of magic? Are you making the most of it? Aries people are energetic, forceful and outgoing. They are climbers of cliffs and all that gets them to higher altitudes after all.

Do you need the energy of the Aries full moon to help you reach higher and loftier goals? Here’s your chance. Now that I have you all fired up to go for the gold and declare your magical style, let’s get some wind under your wings with a supportive candle ritual. Part one will be done during this full moon and its goal is to help you release your limiting beliefs. Part two will be about building your magical style.

Your tools; 1 Energy and Will Blessed Herbal Candle, 1 Jinx Remover Blessing Kit, two copies of a current picture of yourself that you are ok with writing on. Take the first picture and write across the back of it all the reasons you have not reached your goal or even started that dream project. Go into as much detail as needed to reveal your pattern of avoidance, fear or lack of confidence.

Now turn it over and place the three candles from the Jinx remover blessing kit in candle holders and on your face. Light all three candles and make your declaration of independence from all these limiting beliefs and behaviors. Spend the rest of the day, letting go. Each time a limiting thought come up, forgive and let it go. It does not serve you and it’s not your truth. Imagine yourself closing the door on this old you and ending the cycle of dysfunction. If you’d rather, you can imagine her going into your Akashic Records to heal and learn how to be optimistic and creative.

You will do part two of this candle ritual on the new moon, October 19th.

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