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Breaking through blocks to health

CMO breaking through the blocks to healA dear friend of mine who is working to overcome pancreatic cancer said, “I wish you all a healthy New Year, it really is

true without your health you have nothing, now go make some memories, take that trip you've always wanted, make that call & spend more time with those you love.” I can hear her strength in her voice as she continually works to be optimistic even on her “bad” days. I wondered what I would need to stay that strong if I was in a similar situation. So I took the question to the CMO. I asked the question, what do I need to do to break through my block to physical health? This is what the Coventry Magic Oracle placed before me.

Card one - use this Coventry candle to overcome your challenge – Poof! Wicked Witch Mojo Candleoof! Wicked Witch Mojo Candle, “Make those health issues, extra pounds and bad habits vanish right into thin air! In no way are we making light of your issues. Metaphysics teaches us that our thoughts manifest into our reality. We have to be pretty invested in a painful perspective or belief to bring it right down into our body. Use this candle to help you bring that up and out of your mind so your body can be brought back into balance and divest itself of the toxicity it’s carrying. Poof it away means you don’t believe in the illness anymore and then it’s gone.

Card two - use this candle to help you transform fears into strengths – Happiness Blessed Herbal Candle. A smile can change your mood and laughter can heal anything.” Have you ever laughed yourself into a good mood? This candle is asking us to take the power out of what is frightening us by laughing at it. With each belly laugh session, endorphins are released in the brain. They trigger optimism, hopefulness and dare I say; courage. Uplifted emotions help us focus on success and victory.

Card three - use this candle to help you create what you desire – Fiery Wall Hoo Doo Candle. “While you allow your internal defenses go offline while you heal, the fiery wall will protect you.”

It’s true, when we are feeling out of sorts and struggling to regain our strength, we need protection from outside stressors. Just like the body needs rest, our mind need time to process the reasons for the illness and any resistance around healing. Our emotions need to become peaceful so our nervous system can repair itself. Use this candle to create the space you need to heal.

Reward your healing journey with a Witches Union Healing Magic patch. Wear it to remind you that the path to health is a process and requires a lot of self-love.

Want to do your own personal Coventry Magic Oracle Reading? Visit your favorite purveyor of Coventry Products or visit our online oracle, cmo.coventrycreation.com

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