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How the divine guides our safety

CMO How the divine guides our safety

They don’t call it divine intervention for nothing. There are times we really need spirit to step in and make the course correction

we can’t do ourselves. Often we don’t even notice many of those interventions because we never experienced the crash. Then there are the time we know our guardian angel was there to prevent a crisis, because of our “that was close” thoughts. When there is a time we are about to crash or have a crisis, know the divine is there too, comforting, supporting and heading up damage control.

I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle cards what How does the divine guides ensure our safety? The answer is very eye opening and very comforting.

HIDDEN DESIRE – Hoo Doo Spiritual Cleansing candle- Clear off old energies, overwhelming emotions, and free yourself from hangers-on. For Protection: Get the bad intent of others out of your aura before you start building your protection – you don’t want their energy on your side of the wall. When we don’t feel safe, it all looks dangerous. The divine will help us feel we are safe by clearing the lingering effects of old fights, abuses and neglect out of our mind and emotions. They do this by disconnecting us from people we had a tussle with and resulting memories and damage to the aura.

WHAT I NEED TO HEAL – Original Witches Brew candleBy Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, this spell be strong, my intentions fair. By the Lady and the Lord in sacred space, my magic is poured. Brew, Brew my power grow, on a witch’s prayer my power flow. Healing: Your personal power grows, pushing out the imbalance that has been troubling you. The divine reminds us that you need to do your part in protecting yourself. Heal your vulnerability by strengthening your belief in yourself.

WHAT I NEED TO CLEAR – Blessed Herbal Money Draw candleI open the path to wealth without end. The money I need the universe will send. Bills will be paid, my coffers overflow, my worries released, and my wealth will grow. My own blocks, be they from spirit or mind, no longer hamper, no longer bind. Harming none & helping all is how it shall be, this I make true 3x3x3. Clearing: Unlucky no more. The divine wants you to release all thoughts of worthlessness. And refill with the memory that you have creative energy flowing through your veins. Use that power to build up your abundance and worth. It is then you will complete the divine recipe for protection.

How empowering. It’s nice to know that we can contribute to our own safety by loving ourselves and believing we are worth being taken care of. Even an abused dog will reject kindness and help if it sees everything as a threat. Put down your defensiveness and let love and protection come to you and strengthen you. Combine that with the love of the divine and you will be safe.

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