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Why can’t I quiet my mind?

CMO Why cant I quiet my mind One of the biggest challenges for us mere mortals these days is quieting our minds so we can relax, sleep and even think.

Too much mental stimulation has become a burden and has interrupted our ability to feel in control of our life. The stress of it, over time does impact our health. How many people do you know on high blood pressure medicine, sleep aids, and anti-anxiety pills? We have got to get a handle on this. Adopting a meditation practice does help a great deal. So does exercising, walking in nature and having a reasonable demand on our time, but that discussion is for a different CMO reading.

Below the Coventry Magic Oracle provided three helpful actions we can take to help us understand, why we can’t quiet our minds and what we can do about it?

Card 1, Overcome your challenge – Prosperity Blessed Herbal candle – Worrying about your finances can take over you, body mind and soul. We can’t even sleep when we are worried about how we’re going to pay the bills. Use the power of meditation to do your creative visualizations for creating wealth. While you are at it, work on healing the reasons you are having such a struggle with creating and maintaining wealth. Look for a guided meditation on You Tube. You can find anything from musical tones that vibrate abundance at you to training sessions on how to create wealth. Burn the Prosperity candle to help you shift your worries into productive strategizing.

Card 2, Transform fears into strength – Wishing Mojo Wicked Witch Mojo candle – Wishing is like an affirmation. When we take our affirmations into a meditation and support them with our emotions, we have begun the manifestation process. Use the power of quieting your mind with meditation. Then with a clear mind, focus on what you want to manifest in your life. Stay open to what God wishes for you. They come to you as inspirations. Then take action on the information you receive during your meditation. Burn this candle to bring your wishes into reality and turn your fear of what could go wrong into, I can handle whatever comes my way.

Card 3, Create what you desire – Van Van Motor City Hoo Doo candle – This candle is very transformational. It turns the energy around so bad luck becomes good luck. Whatever is holding you back is representational of the direction your energy is flowing. For example, if you were up for a promotion but someone else in your department got it instead, you need to correct that flow of energy. To create what you desire you need to make sure everything is going in the right direction. You can use meditation to calm your mind and emotions so you can feel or sense this. Light the Van Van candle, relax your mind and allow your senses to pick up whether you are heading up or down. Then, let your intention and the vibration from the Van Van candle make the needed corrections.
This reading was about quieting your mind so you can use it to direct your life. With these three candles you were guided to release worries, connect with your higher power for inspiration and become more sensitive to the quality of your thoughts and belief so you can change so they support you rather than sabotage you. All done through the gift of meditation. We hope you add this to your tool box of magic. Namaste.
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Going within to conquer the retrogrades
New Moon in Leo August 11, 2018


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