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Got the Astro-Blues?

Got the Astro Blues CMO 470sqWe are on a serious roller coaster ride astrologically speaking and it’s hitting us right in the gut or emotional center. We are being invited,

if that helps, to hone our people skills with a lot of deep breathing, personal reflection and a whole heaping helping of patience and compassion.

Our Coventry Magic Oracle provided three helpful actions we can take to help us understand, what we need to do to improve our spiritual protection during the current Astrological influences.

Card 1. Overcome your challenge – Stability Blessed Herbal candle – The very first thing to do when stress pushes you to the breaking point is get grounded. Anchor into the earth and release all the external bombardments that are plaguing your mind and emotions. The astrological energy pushing on you is really trying to break up your illusions so you can see what is really going on. If you have been lying to yourself about important elements of your life or yourself, it’s time to get grounded, face the truth, be honest, forgive and let it go.

Card 2. Transform fears into strength – Tornado Alley Wicked Witch Mojo candle – Getting honest and facing truth is tough because we have to be brave. Sometime it’s just too difficult to summon up the courage and deal with the fall out all at the same time. Taking baby steps and getting help is a great way to ease yourself into this part. Get strong first. Increase your willpower and courage with lots of self-reflection. Use the power of forgiveness to let yourself off the hook. Then use the element of wind to blow all the toxic negative energy away. Let this candle be the wind beneath your wings and elevate you above all your fears and tap into your inner resources of strength. Once you do that you will be able to face anything.

Card 3. Create what you desire – Prosperity Blessed Herbal candle – When you are getting ready to manifest something it’s great to be able to borrow some energy from outside resources. Burning a Prosperity candle will do just that. It will attract the needed resources directly to you. Part of handling a roller coaster ride is being able to hang on and stay centered at all times to counteract the g-forces. The same goes for you spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Burn a prosperity candle for clearing and divest yourself of shame and feeling undeserving; remove the blocks that keep you from experiencing abundance in every way. Then you will become an empty vessel ready to be filled with blessings.

This reading was about adapting to outside pressures that are shaking us to the core. With these three candles you were guided to get grounded and centered, detox by releasing illusions and delusions and ask for loving support while you open up to receive abundance. All done through the gift of awareness and self-care. We hope you add this to your tool box of magic. Blessed Be.

For more information about astrological events look up Storm Cestavani at https://stormcestavani.com.

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