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Three secrets to becoming a better psychic

CMO Three secrets to becoming a better psychicWe all have psychic abilities. That is a fact because it’s part of the equipment. That doesn’t mean we are all gifted psychics.

Put me in front of a piano and I can barely play chopsticks. I can still make music, but it won’t sound like beautiful music. It goes the same way with our psychic abilities. The good news is, just like learning to play the piano, we can improve our psychic skills with training, practice and experience. Our Coventry Magic Oracle provided three helpful actions you can take to help you understand the blocks to your psychic abilities and some potential insight as to what you can do to up your psychic game.

Card 1. Overcome your challenge – Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal candle– Your volatile emotions are gumming up the works. They are sending messages of fear or anger or jealousy around being psychic. Your emotional reactions to the whole idea of using your intuition causes you to shut down. To overcome this challenge you need to release all those negative feelings. Let them flow. If you need help, consult a healer or spiritual counselor to help you get in touch with the trigger. Whatever it was, it caused you to deny your gifts. Find out what happened so you can heal it and be done with being disempowered. Release your pain so you can open up to the psychic energy around you and have fun with exploring the nonphysical world.

Card 2. Transform fears into strength – Home Blessing Affirmation candle – If you consider that your body is the only home your soul has in this journey called life, it makes sense to light a Home Blessing candle to help you clear and honor it. Use this candle to get you comfortable in your own skin. Your body is the temple of your soul, be an excellent landlord by building it up to be a fortress and not a cardboard box. Exposing your temple to psychic energy makes it vulnerable to all sorts of vibrations. Some can be extremely jarring to the physical body and it needs your love and attention to make sure it can never be blown down when the wolf comes to call. Many things can create physical weaknesses, like, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, a weak will and undisciplined emotions. A strong body will transform fears into strength and confidence. This is where you need to be to practice safe psychic exploration.

Card 3. Create what you desire –Come to Mama Wicked Witch Mojo candle – Now you can open yourself up to the Astral realms where your psychic tools really shine. Being psychic is a stepping stone to greater things and we are meant to master our psychic abilities. Before you go off ghost hunting or trying to read minds, get really clear on discernment. Know the difference between an angel and a trickster. Tune up your antennas so you cannot be fooled. There are all kinds in the astral realm just like there are all kinds walking the face of the earth. Stay out of dark alleys in both places unless you are looking for trouble. If you get into trouble, use your psychic gifts to get yourself out of trouble. That means ask for help from the right people and beings in spirit.

This reading was about understanding where you are and where you want to go as a sensitive intuitive being. There are beautiful and mystical experiences waiting for you. Keep learning, healing and maturing and your psychic gifts will truly be a gift to you. Blessed Be.

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