CMO A Best Friends with magical benefitsA pet is a part of the family. Sometimes there is a breakdown in communication between human and pet. We know this is happening

when suddenly Spot is urinating on the couch or when Fluffy is pooping in your shoes. Sometimes we need to connect and repair the magical relationship with our pets. When there is a breakdown in communication it is time to consult the CMO.

Below the Coventry Magic Oracle provides three helpful actions to assist in improving your relationship with your pet.

Card 1 Overcome your challenge--Home Blessing Affirmations candle--Having a home filled with peace and blessing begins with you. Once you get centered, that energy radiates outward to your environment and family members. I love burning this candle in the kitchen because the kitchen is the hearth of the home. It’s where all food is made to nourish, and even where we feed our animals. Getting centered may require a bit of meditation. Check out for various ways to meditate to center yourself.

Card 2--Transform fears into strengths--Reversing Motor City HooDoo candle--It’s time to reverse the frustrations from your pet acting out, which means he/she is trying to get your attention. Pets are really magical in the way they try to communicate with us. They don’t speak our language, but they understand our energy. If they do something that will get them into trouble, they are needing your attention. Take the time to focus on what your pet is trying to tell you. Do they need more attention? Are you in danger? Are they maybe unhappy about their food or litter? Reverse the energy of frustration in to love and see what your pet is trying to tell you.

Card 3: Create what you desire--Full Moon Drawing Down the Moon candle--The full moon is all about manifesting your desires. Burn this candle in the room that you hang out with your pet the most. Sit on the floor as the centered, loving being your are, and invite your pet to join you. Gently pet him/her. Talk to your pet in a gentle, loving voice, making sure your words match the energy your are giving off. Try to exchange loving energy with your pet. Notice how your pet reacts when they feel your loving energy. Do they nuzzle up to you? Do they lick your face? Feel the exchange and remember how this feels. Continue this everyday until the candle extinguishes itself.

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