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CMO Reading - May 2017 - How do I take back my personal power while under attack?

May CMO Under AttackNothing depletes your personal power more than when your vulnerabilities are under attack. This attack doesn’t even need to be malicious to have a long lasting

effect on your ability to empower yourself. It can be a careless statement from a loved one or it can be as harsh as a bully in your social circle or work environment. Attacks never hit your strengths; they are like water, looking for the weak spot and wearing it down. We all experience the fallout from an attack, but how do you recover quickly, protect yourself and then empower your weakest area?

I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle cards what magical energy do I use to take back my power when I am under attack? The answer is not what you think…

HIDDEN DESIRE –Tranquility Affirmation - Tranquility is a powerful tool. No Harm, no foul happens in your sanctuary of peace and solitude. Underneath all the chaos and pain is the desire to find some tranquility around this crisis. Tranquility is not weakness, but immense power. You have the power to let go of the crisis and allow the attack to wash over you without taking hold.

WHAT I NEED TO HEAL – Ganesha World MagicHealing through Ganesha is a journey into self-discovery for he is the trickster and knows the way we trick ourselves into dis-ease. You have tricked yourself into allowing your personal power to be drained, exposing your weakest side. You have also tricked yourself into believing this part of you is weak and vulnerable to attack. Ganesha will help you find that sabotage and heal it.

WHAT I NEED TO CLEAR – Inner Balance Blessed HerbalWhen the scales are balanced there is nothing left that needs to be removed. In martial arts, when you stand in a way that balances your energy with that of the earth, you can move with an attack and not be pulled off your center. When you are balanced you flow with the energy and still maintain your center.

Honestly when I was pulling the cards for this reading I assumed it would be Protection candles, It Sucks to be you or even Stability, I never imagined I would be pulling what I considered softer energy. I am surprised, but not surprised because I learn something every month with the Coventry Magic Oracle. I am reminded of the 2 years I trained in Aikido. Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art similar to Tai Chi where you use the energy of your opponent against them. This seemingly soft fighting art could counter any strike and when you stay in your center and connected to the earth you would not get hurt. I see how this energy may be soft, but is also very powerful.

These three candles strengthen you from this inside out. Helping you stay in your power and not buying into the drama of someone else’s attack. I am reminded of the 2nd agreement in the Four Agreements, “Don’t take anything personally.” The attack coming from another is always about their pain and dysfunction and if you don’t respond in kind then they cannot steal your power. You can trick yourself into believing their words over your own inner knowing. When you clear yourself of that agreement to their accusation, you leave the situation stronger than ever.

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