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Is feeling overwhelmed a choice? If it is, I am changing this mess!

April CMO2017 quickly became a year of overwhelming energy. From the long term astrological stressors to the unrest in the national political climate, everyone is feeling it. We are

spending emotions everywhere and leaving yourselves empty vessels of stress. I don’t know about you, but I am done with these overwhelming feelings and I am changing them now!

I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle what energies I need to change this stress and what candles/oils will help my get there. Every month I am pleasantly surprised at the answers and learn something new about my own candles. I shuffle and I ask:

What energetic support do I need to relieve my feelings of being overwhelmed?

Using the REM card spread – here is what needs to be Removed, Energized and Manifested

RemoveLucky 7 Motor City Hoo Doo – Clearing message “Replace that black cloud over your head with one lined in silver and gold! Good fortune starts with casting out all those evil thoughts in your head.” So often luck is about perspective. It is what we make it. The Coventry Oracle is telling you to stop looking for more things to overwhelm you and start looking for the relief. Use the Luck 7 candle to turn your luck for the better and help this energy to feed you instead of eat you.

EnergizeCome to Mama Wicked Witch Mojo – Prosperity message “Whatever Mama needs, Mama Gets” – Tell that money to Come to Mama!” With the Come to Mama you are energizing all the solutions and help that you need to rise above the stress you are drowning in. 

Manifest Happy Home Blessed Herbal Candle – Healing Message “When your house becomes a home, when peace reigns supreme, you are now in a safe space to heal.” The way through stress and overwhelming emotions is to find peace and balance one moment at a time. The Happy Home candle will help pull you out of the spiritual habit of chaos and into self-care and serenity.

Directions - This month light all three candles at the same time to flip that energy and get some immediate relief. I would even suggest you get a bottle of Come to Mama oil and wear it in your shoes to help lead you to solutions. 

Get your own personal Coventry Magic Oracle reading online athttp://cmo.coventrycreations.com/cmo.html. Remember, no matter what your problem, we have a candle for that!

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