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Wealth comes from where you put your focus

March CoventryMagicOracleWill there be enough? March’s Coventry Magic Oracle reading taps into that ever present fear. I have interviewed many people, from the struggling, to the wealthy, to spiritual

teachers, and everyone has this fear at some time during the cycle of their month or year. The difference I have seen between someone who is always struggling and someone who identifies with being wealthy is that they feel they live a charmed life. Someone who struggles, focuses on the struggle. Someone who feels wealthy focuses on their gratitude. Notice how I said feels wealthy? I feel wealthy, but if you put my income on a scale of lower to upper class income, I fall at the bottom of middle class. A wealthy frame of mind is really in the emotional investment of the struggle or the blessing.

So I ask the Coventry Magic Oracle for all of my readers - How do I amplify the prosperity in my life?

I chose the REM spread before I pulled the cards; REM stands for what you need to Remove, Energize and Manifest to achieve your goal. This combination of candles or oils is an immediate spell for you to use and even add your other magical tools to. Let’s dig into what the CMO told us.

Remove –Stability Blessed Herbal Candle(Clearing: Release into the earth, what no longer meets your vision of who you want to be.) The Stability candle in the Remove position tells us that there are things to let go of that are crumbling your foundation. It may be a big habit, a person to is shaking your foundation or a belief that you will always struggle financially. When you light this candle for this intent, you will quickly be shown what poison is affecting your foundation. Once you identify them, wear the Stability Blessed Herbal oil in your shoes to help you change that situation.

EnergizeGrief Affirmation candle - (Healing: Without the healing gifts of grief, you could tailspin to illness, Go ahead and grieve.) This is the perfect follow up to discovering what is crumbling your foundation. You are energizing the release of those limits and sabotages. You are allowing the grief from disappointments to be released so they no longer define you. When you hang onto these past failures and stay focused on them they will define your future. The grief candle helps you turn them from the current struggle into an old story you tell at cocktail parties.

ManifestQuerent Caller Motor City Hoo Doo candle (Prosperity: Call the Opportunity, client, customer or job that you are looking for. Remember to set your goal so it will get fulfilled).

The Oracle never lets us down, what an amazing card to bring it home! Using Querent caller to manifest all the opportunities you need to stay confident and engaged in living a charmed life. Just like with the Stability candle, you have to look for the magic. You found what was crumbling your foundation, now you have to find what is supporting and rebuilding your foundation. You have to meet the magic half way for it to fully manifest. Start by getting into gratitude. I know I say this all the time, but, it’s because it works all the time.

This combination of candles can be lit together or one at a time depending on how you see the magic working for you. There is no wrong way to do this, there is only your way.

Grab this combination from Coventrycreations.com or your favorite retailer and start living a charmed life.

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