CMO SeptemberThere are traditions that are passed down, and traditions that we create. Before finding what works for us, witches especially, we research and have our arduous journey. There are

many of you reading this that have joined Coventry Creations in celebrating our twenty-fifth year of creating new traditions. I’ve had conversations with many customers that have made Coventry part of their magic making during their personal journey. Their journey to find their magical selves and also their magical traditions.

I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle cards how do I start my magical journey on the right foot? I was given three very unique cards for the situation.

Hidden Desire - Meditation Affirmation - With a still mind, I experience the depth of my soul. Take the time to figure out what you spiritually desire. Meditate on the meaning of tradition, and learn how to bring it into your waking life. Your mind may be muddled with outside forces and worries, let them go.

What I need to Heal - Lakshmi World Magic - She throws lotus petals at your feet to remind you of the sweetness of life. Not every stop on this journey will be a success, but your perseverance will pay off. Let Lakshmi give you the courage to continue.

What I Need to Clear - Uncrossing Hoodoo Candle - Remove the negative influences of others and your own self defeating thoughts. Discourage and despair are not welcome on this ride! In some instances, the two are your biggest obstacles on this excursion, so sublimate them so that you can move forward.

Grab this combination from or your favorite retailer and start living a charmed life.

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