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What can I do to improve my connection with my spirit guides?

We are designed to be connected with spirit and all the beauty it has to offer. It is the only way we will keep moving up the

evolutionary ladder. Believe it or not, all that we do is about becoming self-aware so we can get better at life and being alive. Still, things get in the way and we find it difficult to tune into our guides. If that describes you, read on and do this CMO reading for yourself or get the candles suggested and follow the advice. Good Luck!

I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle cards; What do I need to do to improve my connection with my spiritual ancestors? I was given three very unique cards for the situation.

Hidden Desire – Evil Eye Witches Brew Candle- Protection is where we need to start. Without it, who knows who will be filling our heads with ideas and desires? This candle choice is also telling us to lift up our vibration to mingle with the vibrations of the holy ones, angels and master teachers. They would rather we try a little harder and meet them on higher planes. When we do that, earthly desires will be put in proper perspective.

What I need to Heal – Luck Affirmation candleLuck is never as mysterious as we think it is. We earn our luck by our positive actions. It’s call good karma. Cash in your karma coins with your spiritual ancestors with your desire to connect with them. Let go of all the reasons why you think you are unlucky or don’t deserve love and affirming guidance from your ancestors.

What I Need to Clear – Dragon’s Blood Witches Brew CandleYou need a blast of energy from the Coventry Dragon to purify your mind and emotions. The amount of nonsense that collect in our minds and emotions is enough to choke a horse. Much of it is not helpful at all and a mere distraction. Ask this benevolent dragon to breathe the orange red flame of purification into your mind and emotions, then willfully release all that toxicity into the earth. Then you will be able to hear your spirit guides and know the purity of their messages.

Grab this combination from Coventrycreations.com or your favorite retailer and start living a charmed life.

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