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How do I manifest closure in a healthy way?

Saying goodbye is part of life, but what if we can’t let go peacefully or with dignity. Or, on the other hand, we are being hung onto by another

who can’t let go? If that describes you, read on, get the candles suggested and follow the advice. Or, do this CMO reading for yourself. Good Luck!

I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle cards; What do I need to do to say goodbye in a healthy and dignified way for all concerned? I was given three very unique cards for the situation.

Hidden Desire – Wishing Mojo Wicked Witch Mojo candle - Secretly you wish you could close your eyes and when you open them all will be well and the problems have disappeared. With a little magic, it can happen that way. You also have to do your part and not keep calling trouble back by opening the wound. Let things be and let them heal.

What I need to Heal – Inner Beauty Affirmation candle – You need to heal YOU! It’s time to put down the sword and let it be done. Your self esteem is more important that getting the last word. Love that person looking back in the mirror at you and accept that you are human and don’t have to be perfect to be valuable. Forgive yourself, forgive them and move on.

What I Need to Clear – Soul Mate Affirmation Candle – When relationships end, we have to grieve them and let them go. The other party needs to heal their wounds too. We don’t own each other, we were together for a season. Work on clearing all the reasons you think you can’t live without this other person. Then start rebuilding your life without them. Be kind to yourself every step of the way.

Grab this combination from Coventrycreations.com or your favorite retailer and get closure with dignity.

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New moon in Sagittarius on December 17, 2017
Spell Caster Club - Cord Cutting Spell

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