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Live the Magic with Coventry

Empowering ourselves with daily magic

We want to bring 25 years of magic to you

25 years of making magic....  

Can you believe in 2017, Coventry will have been making magic and spreading it around the world for 25 years?    At our estimate, by the end of 2017, we will have made nearly two million candles.  That’s a lot of magic and a lot of wishes fulfilled.

To celebrate our Quarter Century, Patty and I want to come to you!  We want to visit our retailers, meet and greet your customers, teach some classes, do some readings and celebrate 25 years of continual Coventry magic. If you are interested in getting in on the 25 Years of Magic tour schedule fill out the information below and myself or a Coventry Magic maker will contact you to sort out the details.

Follow this link to the request form


Keep it magic!
Jacki Smith
Enchantress, Coventry Creations



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