We believe in your magic
Magic believes in You
Magical Solutions
for those old problems
You deserve the best outcome
it's yours for the taking
De-stress with magic
create the life of your dreams
Fix it fast
Fix it right
Take control of Karma
Put fate in your hands
Made when the moon is right
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Thank you Victorian Moon Antiques and Enchantments for being a part of the Coventry Family

Victorian Moon Featured ReatailerVictorian Moon Antiques and Enchantments

13 N San Francisco St, Ste 103 in Flagstaff AZ


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Visit us online at www.victorianmoon.com

Facebook: Victorian Moon Antiques @victorianmoonshop

Instagram: victorianmoonantiques


Victorian Moon Antiques and Enchantments is a delightful place of magic, beauty and sanctuary with a Coventry Power Votive burning bright every day to light the way"!

Victorian Moon Antiques and Enchantments offers aromatherapy bath salts, body dusting powders, sugar and salt scrubs, perfume balm and mustache pomade from scratch, and carries a line of waters, lotions and oils for skin care. Books on magic, tarot cards and leather bound handmade journals are tucked in nooks and crannies with vintage bottles and jars. A rainbow of Coventry Creations Blessed Herbal Candles and Power Votives, Blessed Herbal Oils, Blessing Kits and glass candle holders catches customer attention with the delightful aromas and powerful affirmations.

"I have noticed an increase in sales on the Coventry line these past couple of months. I have regular customers that will buy several at a time so that they don’t run out!” The aroma of the candles draws customers off the street and down the hall to this little shop of vintage treasures! “Everyone always says that it smells so amazing in my shop, and I tell them it’s a little bit of everything but mostly my wonderful Coventry candles!”

Getting the psychic engine running
Haint Happenin’ at this house


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